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Job Seeking In Lockdown

Well we are three complete weeks into lockdown now and there is no immediate end in sight. Many of you will be sick of hearing about furlough arrangements for staff and the current groundswell of opinion as to which companies should and shouldn’t make use of the scheme. We already have our first business casualties

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How to Write a Job Description

 Job description provides your first opportunity to connect to candidates suitable for your vacancy. This article aims to give some guidance on how to write a job description. A job description that is both engaging and inclusive which prompts the best candidates to apply reducing the time taken to fill the vacancy can often prove

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The Best Way Negotiate Salaries

We are often asked what is the best way to negotiate an increase in salary? What works how does the employer view negotiation and what is the general outcome of negotiations at differing points in your career with an Employer? How do you begin? What are you worth? What happens should they say no? Here’s

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Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

In a lot of job interview situations, the chances are that you will be up against people who are similarly qualified to you, however a lot of the time the difference between candidates will simply be personality traits or often minor mistakes that were made during the interview process. In order to reduce the possibility

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How to write a good cv

Writingthe Perfect CV The first question to ask yourself is, what can my C.V. dofor me? It is the entry ticket, your foot in the door, to a newcareer full of promise and potential life changing opportunities. What willmake your C.V. stay on the recruiter’s desk and rise to the top of theinterview pile, rather

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